Friday, September 6, 2013

Awesome GIVEAWAY! FREE class from Romance Academy.

Some of those near and dear to me are teaching writing and blogging classes over at the Romance Academy ( AND the great NEWS is that they are giving away one of their classes for free!! Enter the raffelcopter below for a chance to win a free novel writing class with Melody Grace, a promo class with KP Simmon of Inkslinger PR, a Dialogue class with Nichole Chase, and how to be a book blogger with Holly at and Becca from These ladies rock!

Fun, informative workshops taught by some of today's most popular romance writers. Writing can be exhilarating, satisfying, and fun - but also lonely and confusing at times. How do you learn the skills to make your dream book a reality, and connect with other authors to share your journey? The answer is right here! Romance Academy is your place to learn, grow, and be a part of a supportive writing community. With our specially-designed workshops and personalized curriculum, you'll learn from the best in the business, and forge life-long friendships with your classmates at the same time.

 Romance Academy workshops are hands-on and full of great writing know-how. Our goal is to help you achieve your writing dreams, and for us all to learn something from each other along the way. We look forward to getting to know you! We are currently offering these classes beginning September 30!:

With USA Today Bestselling author Melody Grace, BESTSELLER BOOTCAMP:

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Monday, August 12, 2013

FREE from Emily Snow!!!! And a super secret prize!

Read DEVOURED? Wonder what happened AFTER Lucas leaves Sienna in Atlanta? How Kylie and Wyatt’s story ends? Want more of Lucas’s POV? It’s coming soon in a FREE weekly serial on Emily Snow’s blog!

Lucas Wolfe has come close to happiness with Sienna, not once but twice. And both times he’s lost her because of his own fears. This time, he can’t let her go so easily—not now that he realizes that the one woman who said “no” is the one he’s in love with. Sienna is good for his music, and his life, and he’s determined to show her that she belongs with him.
No matter what the consequences.
ABSORBED is a FREE weekly mini-serial written in Lucas's POV. It takes place between the end of Devoured: Chapter 19 (the Atlanta chapter) and the very start of Consumed, and will be published on Emily Snow's blog and website from August 16 through September 13. CONSUMED will be released in eBook format from Touchstone Books on September 17 and in paperback in November.

Join the CONSUMED Pre-Order Campaign!

Have you Pre-Ordered CONSUMED? Email the following email address: 

CONSUMEDBYEMILYSNOW@GMAIL.COM and get automatically entered to win Your Toxic 

Sequel and Devoured swag, character naming rights, and a super secret prize.

The pre-order campaign is open to EVERYONE who has pre-ordered CONSUMED - whether it was five minutes ago or five months ago. If you can't find your receipt and you pre-ordered via Amazon, go to the Consumed order page on At the top of the page there's an Instant Order Update. Click on it and it will take you to the order summary that you'll need to take a screen print of. If you pre-ordered via Barnes and Noble, go to Order Status at the top of that website's page. You'll be able to find the Consumed pre-order by searching through the Order History. Once you locate the order summary, take a screen print and shoot an email to the address above!

Good luck, everyone!

Barnes and Noble:

And for a Limited Time, Grab Savor You for 99 Pennies!

Author’s Note: SAVOR YOU takes place during the events of DEVOURED.

Kylie Wolfe and bassist Wyatt McCrae have been bad for each other for the last several years, but it’s impossible for them to end their toxic push and pull. Not when their attraction is constantly fueled by lust and proximity—she’s her older brother’s Lucas’s assistant and Wyatt is his best friend and band mate.
So when Your Toxic Sequel makes a move to record a new album in Nashville, Kylie decides to make the latest break with Wyatt official by getting the hell out of town. She’ll spend a week in New Orleans. A week to immerse herself in the Mardi Gras scene. One week to not think about the last time she was in New Orleans, seven years ago with Wyatt. Seven days where she won’t have to see Wyatt every day just to fall ridiculously in love with him all over again—where, if she wants to, she can have a normal, no-strings attached fling that won’t end in heartbreak.
Too bad Wyatt ruins everything by showing up, as gorgeous and demanding and awful for her as ever.
Wyatt refuses to let Kylie give up on him. Not without reminding her why they both fell so far and hard in the first place. Not without making her savor the good memories and what could be their last chance with each other.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

FALLING INTO US by the lovely Jasinda Wilder

What can I say!? I absolutely loved this book.  Intense, emotional, sexy, and deep, this is a must read.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sneak peek! Lauren Blakely's TROPHY HUSBAND!! You are my favorite boy-toy!

TROPHY HUSBAND by Lauren Blakely

I am so excited because today I get to host Lauren Blakely on my blog!  And you are going to love this book!

Here is a sneak peek:

I could so fall in love with him. I could fall in love with him in a heartbeat. He brings his
other hand to my waist, and pulls me in close. He’s seated on the bar stool, and I’m
standing as I slide into the V between his legs, his firm thighs now on either side of me.
The distance between us narrows, and the temperature rises. Like this, with him so
close, I can tell how much he wants me. As much as I want him. I am turned on beyond
belief, my skin is so hot, and my body is aching all over with the need to be touched,
and he knows it. And just like that, the mood between us here at Circa Rose shifts. It’s
no longer flirty, or chatty, or get to know you. We’re no longer a guy and girl confessing
to crushes and likes. As he plays with the waistband of my skirt, his hand dipping inside,
stroking the bare skin of my hips just above my panties, we are a man and a woman
who want to get the hell out of here. The air between us electric, like the moments
before a summer storm.

“We don’t need to shoot that promo anymore, do we?” he asks, and his voice is different
now too. It’s smoky and low, and as he brings me in closer, I can tell he’s gone to the
same place I’ve gone to. Desire. And then the hope that we can take this contact to
another level.

“I was really hoping to see your fancy studio though,” I tease.

“It has a nice couch.”

“We could do a lot on a couch.”

“It’s ten blocks away.”

“That’s far,” I say, and I’m keenly aware of how my voice has become a ragged whisper.
He has to know what I want right now. Him. His green eyes are dark, shadowed with
lust and staring intensely into mine. He’s waiting for me to say more. “But I think I really
want to see that couch.”

“Good, because I would really fucking love to make out with you properly right now.”

Trophy Husband is out May 21!

Here are three fun facts about this book:

1. The restaurant where Chris and McKenna eat french fries is a real restaurant in San Francisco, and the fries and dipping sauces are delish!

2. In the first chapter of Trophy Husband that released in Kristen Proby's book Rock With Me, McKenna had dark hair. Lauren changed McKenna's hair color to blond shortly after :)

3. Chris is a surfer, a TV show host, a video game expert, and he can fix anything, including the cat McKenna's neighbor's cat peed on.

Enter to win her giveaway here:

Monday, April 22, 2013

GIVEAWAY with TORN and TWISTED's K.A. Robinson!!!

What can I say?  I so admire K.A.Robinson's books.  If you haven't yet read TORN or TWISTED you should. Chloe and Drake's relationship is epic and I am so excited that we are doing this giveaway together!!!  Please enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, April 19, 2013

DARE ME FOREVER .99 cents for three days!! And a new cover!

I found this photo and just had to use it!  I'm in love with this couple.  I love his sexy stubble, the sensual way her hand is loosening his tie, and how he is gently caressing her face. So to celebrate my new cover, your incredible support, and the weekend, I am putting DARE ME FOREVER on sale for .99 cents for three days!

Do you like it?  I hope so.  I just love the way they are nestling into each other.  I'd love to hear what you think!

You can find the book at these retailers:

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

THANK YOU for an INCREDIBLE WEEK! (+ A Sexy Excerpt and Giveaway!)

This week surpassed even my wildest dreams.  It is so gratifying to have so many readers and bloggers giving me so much incredible encouragement!  Thank you.  I am so grateful.  You only make me want to become a better writer.  Here's a little something something to thank you! xx

I unlocked the door, and Ryan shut it firmly behind us. He turned me towards him, and grabbed my face between his hands.
“Kiss me.” He didn’t have to ask twice.  His tongue played with my own and as he moved his hands down the sides of my body, I moaned. His kiss was fierce and filled with desire. His smell, a mix of mint, citrus, and his own scent, was intoxicating.
I smiled up at him, and gently pulling on his tie, leading him to my bedroom. He picked me up and threw me up against the wall. I kicked off my shoes as he began hungrily kissing my neck.  I could feel his cock hard against me and I wrapped my legs tighter around him. He rubbed himself against me.
“Amy, I can’t wait to be inside you.”
Carrying me to my bedroom, he threw me on the bed. Grabbing my legs back towards him, he started at my ankles, slowly made his way, up my leg, kissing the inside of my calf, the back of my knee, trailing his lips all the way up to my sex. Burying his face in my panties, he took a deep breath, nudging my clit with his nose. I felt totally adored, almost as if he was worshipping me.
He pulled my panties down and off my legs, and then worked his way up my other leg, again kissing, sucking, and licking my skin.  Right before he got to my center, he stopped.  Looking at me with those bright green eyes, he sat me up and unzipped the back of the dress. I helped him get it over my head, and as he unsnapped my bra, his breath caught in his throat.
“Amy you are so gorgeous. I could stare at your body for a thousand years, and never get tired of what I see.” No one had ever said anything like that to me. I covered my face with my hands.
“Take your hands off your face.  Don’t be embarrassed. You’re beautiful.”
I lowered them and stared back at him, into those incredible emerald eyes. His look said it all—the sweet twinkle was replaced by an animalistic desire. He wanted me, and I could see my own tremendous desire reflected back.
I tore at his tie, and helped him unbutton his shirt.  I breathed in a sigh of pure longing. Running my hands up his chest, I couldn’t wait any longer. He had to be inside me.
“You are incredible.”
Swiftly taking off his belt and pants, he leaned over me, crushing his chest into my own.  My nipples hardened at the touch of his skin against mine. He cupped my breast in his hand and began teasing the nipple with his tongue. Taking it into his mouth, he sucked it hard. It was a delicious pain. He moved to the other breast, and again worked his magic. I was so aroused, my skin was burning.
I grabbed his cock in my hand and began stroking it. It was hard, and throbbing, and the skin of it felt incredible against the palm of my hand.
“Ryan, please,” I murmured.
Tilting my hips up, holding my ass in his hands, he entered me. His cock filled me, and I began to squeeze him in deeper. He pulled me to him, sliding all the way in, and then pulling almost all the way out.  He thrust in again and again.
I gasped. It felt so good, it was almost too much.
He pulled me up so that we were sitting, my legs around his hips, slowly rocking back and forth. He kissed me, his tongue hard and demanding. Taking one hand off my ass, he used his thumb to massage my clit as I rode him back and forth. I felt my thighs tensing, and shocks of pleasure spiraling through my body. I was so near a release.
He pushed me back down, and slowed his thrusts, until I nearly screamed with anticipation and want.
“Does that feel good?” he asked teasingly. I could feel the emptiness when he’d pull out and all I wanted was him, deep inside me.
Grabbing him to me, I panted. “Harder.”
He could no longer restrain himself. Pulsing into me, over and over, I could see he was about to come. With one final thrust, he exploded inside of me, groaning with satisfaction. I loved that I’d made him feel like that.
“You need to come.”  He slowly pulled out and put his fingers inside of me as he sucked my clit. I was already so close, but the incredible pressure put me over the edge. As he licked me, and finger fucked me, I came, trembling.
He held me close as I shuddered around him.
The anticipation in no way compared to the real thing. I’d never been with someone who could make me come so powerfully, or made me filled with a want this potent.
“Want to do it again?” I asked boldly.
He grinned at me. “I thought you’d never ask.”

There are still a few hours left to enter my giveaway! 2 chances to win either a $30 Giftcard to Amazon or Barnes and Noble!