Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sneak peek! Lauren Blakely's TROPHY HUSBAND!! You are my favorite boy-toy!

TROPHY HUSBAND by Lauren Blakely

I am so excited because today I get to host Lauren Blakely on my blog!  And you are going to love this book!

Here is a sneak peek:

I could so fall in love with him. I could fall in love with him in a heartbeat. He brings his
other hand to my waist, and pulls me in close. He’s seated on the bar stool, and I’m
standing as I slide into the V between his legs, his firm thighs now on either side of me.
The distance between us narrows, and the temperature rises. Like this, with him so
close, I can tell how much he wants me. As much as I want him. I am turned on beyond
belief, my skin is so hot, and my body is aching all over with the need to be touched,
and he knows it. And just like that, the mood between us here at Circa Rose shifts. It’s
no longer flirty, or chatty, or get to know you. We’re no longer a guy and girl confessing
to crushes and likes. As he plays with the waistband of my skirt, his hand dipping inside,
stroking the bare skin of my hips just above my panties, we are a man and a woman
who want to get the hell out of here. The air between us electric, like the moments
before a summer storm.

“We don’t need to shoot that promo anymore, do we?” he asks, and his voice is different
now too. It’s smoky and low, and as he brings me in closer, I can tell he’s gone to the
same place I’ve gone to. Desire. And then the hope that we can take this contact to
another level.

“I was really hoping to see your fancy studio though,” I tease.

“It has a nice couch.”

“We could do a lot on a couch.”

“It’s ten blocks away.”

“That’s far,” I say, and I’m keenly aware of how my voice has become a ragged whisper.
He has to know what I want right now. Him. His green eyes are dark, shadowed with
lust and staring intensely into mine. He’s waiting for me to say more. “But I think I really
want to see that couch.”

“Good, because I would really fucking love to make out with you properly right now.”

Trophy Husband is out May 21!

Here are three fun facts about this book:

1. The restaurant where Chris and McKenna eat french fries is a real restaurant in San Francisco, and the fries and dipping sauces are delish!

2. In the first chapter of Trophy Husband that released in Kristen Proby's book Rock With Me, McKenna had dark hair. Lauren changed McKenna's hair color to blond shortly after :)

3. Chris is a surfer, a TV show host, a video game expert, and he can fix anything, including the cat McKenna's neighbor's cat peed on.

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